Johannes Brahms: Violin Concerto Op. 77
A Discography of CDs, Records and DVDs

Prepared by Uwe Sauerteig

This discography focuses on media being available in a physical format that can be (or could have been) purchased or obtained from either a commercial or non-commercial source. Tape recordings and music available exclusively as downloads from the internet are not included.

Each listing of a recording consists of the following components: (1) violinist, orchestra, conductor (while a * marks a pseudonym) (2) composer of the recorded cadenza (3) label, catalogue number, year of issue and EAN code of the media used for review, if an EAN code was not available, other works on the recording or the title of a collection were added. Please note that the performers listed are for the Brahms violin concerto and not necessarily for the work or works that complete the media.

In our digital world work titles and names are often incomplete or incorrect, but the EAN code is used on nearly all digital platforms. Even if it is not visible, it can be used to search for media.

Cadenzas in the public domain can be downloaded from IMSLP.

Download the discography (pdf) here.